Friday, May 18

Titian's Wedgewood experiment

As far as I know, Cameron Brown only ever once tried to emulate the famous powdered eggshell blue Wedgewood body. Gail Henry (page 169) describes this product:
Fluted shape in Wedgwood blue vitreous body, not glazed, about 10" tall, made at the request of Ken Lord, approximately 200 made. Body produced by Cameron Brown Sr by trial and error using an old recipe book bought by his grandfather for one pound from William Bourne, a Burslem potter noted as being the first to produce bone china.

The interesting thing about this vase is that it is not numbered KV*** as you would expect for a vase designed and made for Ken Lord. It is actually numbered SV 201 (Sargoods Vase number 1). Does this mean that Gail Henry's information about this vase was incorrect? Maybe Cam Brown just mis-remembered who he made it for?


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  2. Thank you so much for the effort you put into this site. It is both revealing and exciting. I have just acquired one of these vases, and appreciate you sharing this information. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi mumof1
    Thanks for your interest. This is a very elegant vase isn't it? The more I find out about Titian, the more interesting it gets. The range of great glazes they had is unique in Australasia I think. I follow what you guys do on the New Zealand Pottery website, which is an amazing resource. Thanks for your efforts too!

    (sorry for my delay replying - I'm away at present)